Dr. Vintage, DrZ, Les Paul

Dr. Vintage, PRS McCarty, Fuchs ODS = NICE!

Mean/Meaner P-90, Rist Workhorse,

Wolfetone and SaltyDog/Rittenhouse Guitars

Wolfetone Legends and Walsh Guitars

Andy Fuchs plays Marshallhead through Tripledrive Supreme

 Dr.Vintage "clean" by Marty13

Dr.Vintage "Dirty" by Marty13


Little Zep by Marty13 with the Dr.Vintage


Another SIBLU Zep by Jonsey!


Wolfetone and Sweetwood Guitars


Davtcan plays Grey Wolf pickups



Clark Amplification and Wolfetone "Cub" Tele pickups


Dr.Vintage, PRS, and Fuchs ODS 30