To order your WolfeTone pickups, please email or call. Because making pickups for "your" sound is so personal, we don't feel we can offer online ordering. By writing or speaking with Wolfe, we know that your pickups will be manufactured correctly for you . . .

Click on any "Howl at Wolfe" link to contact us.


All payments MUST be accompanied by an explanation of the order details - model name, bobbin color preference, cover/no cover/aged cover, vintage style braid or four-conductor lead, name address and phone number.. If paying by check or money order, this would be in the form of a note or letter. If paying by Paypal, this would go in the comments section.

Payments which do not include the order details will receive a stuffed pink bunny.


The "Wind 'em till you like 'em guarantee!"
If you are not completely satisfied with your pickups, send them back within thirty (30) days  for a rewind or replacement.  My ears differ from yours, his, or hers, and due to this, what I like, you may not. 

All pickups are guaranteed* against defects in workmanship and manufacturing for a period of  one year. If any pickup should fail within that period, return it for a replacement or rewind. We also cover Zombie Apocalypse.

*Guarantee does not cover abuse including but not limited to: spilled beer, cigarette burns,  power drill playing, over ambitious versions of 3rd Stone From the Sun, Voodoo Chile: Slight Return or any Who song, pyrotechnics and fake blood.

Rush Orders

Rush Orders will carry a surcharge of $50.00.

These are a few things that might define a Rush Order . . .

1. Orders that absolutely must be sent out ASAP (1-2 days when typical time for delivery is longer) and are those that cause me to hold up all other works.

2. A rush order will also be defined as one that must be shipped by a cutoff date that comes before the  expected delivery time.

3. A rush order will also be defined as a large amount of work requested to be done in a small amount of time, such as 100 pickups in a two week period.

Frankly, there are any number of things that can make for a rush order. I'll let you know at the time of your order if the surcharge applies.

Order Cancellation policy

Wolfetone will not consider order cancellation unless more than six weeks has past from date of payment or an order is under a $300 total. Typical individual order delivery times are 3-4 weeks, but please allow up to six weeks.

Once a Dealer or OEM order build is started, Wolfetone will not consider an order cancellation unless more than six weeks has past from date of payment to time of shipping. Typical Dealer/OEM delivery times are four weeks, but please allow up to six weeks, as delivery times will vary according to our current workload.